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Disney Cruise Line Destinations

September 27, 2022

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If you’re looking to get away and fully relax and unplug, but still want to enjoy that magic of Disney without all of the standing in lines and exhausting days, a Disney cruise might just be the perfect vacation plan for you! If you’re brand new to the idea of a Disney cruise, be sure to check out my blog post that covers the full Disney Fleet lineup. However, often more important than which ship you’d like to sail, is where you want to go – aka determining which Disney cruise ports you’d like to visit!

An important part of planning your Disney Cruise Line vacation is determining which of the Disney cruise ports you'd like to visit.

There are three main ways to choose your itinerary – by port of departure, geographic destinations, and/or ports of call. 

Ports of Departure 

Ports of Departure are where the cruise originates from, and there are 14 different PODs within the Disney Cruise Line experience.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Currently, itineraries out of Fort Lauderdale include Bahamian, Caribbean, and Mexican ports of call. All include a stop at Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island). And are usually 4 or 5 night itineraries. If you’re sailing out of Fort Lauderdale, you’ll most likely be aboard the Disney Dream. 

Port Canaveral, Florida

Port Canaveral has the most trip itineraries of all of the Ports of Departure, and also has plenty of options with various lengths of travel. These itineraries include the Bahamas and Caribbean, and typically include a stop at Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island). You’ll most likely be aboard either the Wish or the Fantasy if this is where you’re cruise journey begins.

Miami, Florida

If you’re sailing from Miami, Florida, you’re looking at a variety of trip lengths and itineraries. While sailing on the Magic or the Dream, you’ll be able to find itineraries including the Bahamas, the Caribbean, the Panama Canal, and even a Transatlantic trip! Some of these itineraries will include a stop at Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island), but not all of them will.

Galveston, Texas

If you live in Texas, sailing out of Galveston might be the best scenario for you. These trips are typically 4 or 5 nights in length, and travel to the Western Caribbean and Mexico. However, it will not include a stop at Castaway Cay. Currently, you’ll find the Magic sailing out of Galveston.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Currently, itineraries out of New Orleans will take you into the Western Caribbean, and are usually aboard the Magic for a length of 5 or 6 nights.

San Diego, California

On the West Coast and looking for options? Sailing out of San Diego would be a good bet! With a variety of trip lengths, you’ll be able to sail aboard the Magic or the Wonder for a One Way Pacific Coast, Panama Canal, or Baja Cruise.

New York, New York

Head to Bermuda, the Caribbean, or Canada aboard the Magic or the Dream when sailing from New York. Trip itinerary lengths vary by sailing, so finding one to fit your vacation needs should be a breeze!

Vancouver, Canada

Looking to cruise to Alaska or do a Pacific Coast Cruise? Heading out from Vancouver, Canada might be for you. Trips vary in length, and you’ll likely be sailing about the Wonder.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Hop aboard the Magic or the Dream from San Juan, Puerto Rico for a trip to the Bahamas or Caribbean! These itineraries are available in a variety of lengths, and some of them will even make a stop at Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island)!

Barcelona, Spain

Board the Dream from Barcelona, Spain for a 7 or 9 night itinerary to the Mediterranean, or Western Europe!

Civitavecchia, Italy 

Looking for seven nights or longer around the Mediterranean? Hopping aboard the Dream in Civitavecchia, Italy will get you there!

Copenhagen, Denmark

The Port of Departure with the smallest amount of sailings this year, Copenhagen, Denmark will take you on a 7 or 11 night adventure around Northern Europe aboard the Dream.

Southampton, England

Whether you want to see Spain, France, the British Isles, Northern Europe and the Norwegian Fjords, or take a Transatlantic trip, there’s an itinerary for you departing from Southampton, England! Just hop aboard the Dream for a 4, 7, or 11 night journey!

Dover, England

From Dover, England, you can board the Magic for a 7 or 12 night cruise. These itineraries include the British Isles, the Norwegain Fjords, or a Transatlantic trip!

Geographic Destinations

In addition to where you depart from, there are a variety of destinations you could cruise to, and Disney breaks these into 8 different geographic areas, as well as two bonus types of cruises – Panama Canal Cruises and Transatlantic Cruises.

Alaska Cruises

Alaskan Cruises are available in the Summer, and you’ll likely be aboard the Wonder ship. While typically most people think warm weather and beaches for a cruise, this cold-weather cruise features fun winter outfits on the characters, and will allow you to see Alaska much more easily than if you were trying to travel by car. (Trust me – there’s just too much ground to cover if you want to really see Alaska).

Bahamas Cruises

Bahamas Cruises are more of the stereotypical cruise experience. Itineraries occur all year long, and you’ll either be aboard the Magic, the Dream, the Wish, or the Fantasy. All Bahamas Cruises include a stop at Disney’s private island – Castaway Cay. And if this is the type of cruise you’re looking for, you’re going to have PLENTY of options!

Bermuda Cruises

Similar to the Bahamas Cruises, the Bermuda Cruises have itineraries throughout the year, so they’re easy to hop onto whenever it is that you’d like to travel. You’ll most likely be aboard the Magic, the Dream, or the Fantasy

Canada Cruises

Looking for a fun way to visit Canada? Hop aboard the Magic or the Dream in early Fall! A fun perk of Canada Cruises is that these ports aren’t primarily tourist destinations, so if you want to see ports that are more authentic to where you’re stopping, these are great options.

Caribbean Cruises

Unsurprisingly, the Caribbean Cruises are extremely similar to the Bahamas Cruises in that they have itineraries year round, all include a stop at Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island), and offer many different options when it comes to available itineraries. If you’re sailing to the Caribbean, you’ll likely be aboard the Magic, the Dream, or the Fantasy

Europe Cruises

If you’ve got a little extra vacation time on your hands, and are wanting to visit multiple countries in one trip, a European Cruise might be for you. They’re more work to get to, because you’ll need to fly over there for your starting Port and then fly back at the end of your trip, but you’ll be able to see a wide variety of new places. If this sounds right up your alley, plan to cruise in the Summer. You’ll most likely be aboard the Magic or the Dream.

Mexico Cruises

Wanting to sail in the Spring or the Fall? A Mexico Cruise might be for you! Not only are these great for Spring Break travel, but these tend to have shorter itineraries – which means they tend to be more affordable! If you’re traveling to Mexico, you’ll most likely be aboard the Magic or the Wonder.

Pacific Coast Cruises

If you’re on the West Coast, a Pacific Coast Cruise is an affordable way to hop aboard the Wonder and sail away for a few days. These itineraries tend to be short, and don’t have many ports, as they’re repositioning cruises (a way for Disney to move the boat to it’s next location while still having passengers). This also means that you won’t end at the same port you started at! But if you’re looking to just get away and disconnect for a few days, it’s a great option.

Panama Canal Cruises

Another repositioning cruise are the Panama Canal Cruises. One happens in the Spring, and one in the Fall and are typically 14 nights aboard the Magic. Like the Pacific Coast Cruises, you’re not going to have many (or any) ports of call, but you’ll be able to check sailing through the Panama Canal off your bucket list!

Transatlantic Cruises 

The final repositioning cruise, a Transatlantic Cruise will take you from Europe to Florida or vice versa. These cruises happen in the Spring and the Fall, just like the Panama Canal Cruises, and you’ll either be aboard the Magic or the Dream. Because of the distance, you’ll need to be sure you have 11-13 days available for sailing.

Ports of Call 

When it comes to choosing your cruise itinerary, you can start with departure port, geographic sailing area, or specific ports – it doesn’t matter which, but choosing one will help you narrow down which itineraries would be a best fit for you. With nearly 100 ports of call, I don’t have the time or space to go over all of them here, but if there’s a specific destination you’d love to see, I’d be happy to help you find itineraries that stop at that port. You can learn more about working with me here. 

An important part of planning your Disney Cruise Line vacation is determining which of the Disney cruise ports you'd like to visit.

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