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"I don't have time to write out a response to your questions ... here's some blog posts about it."

This was the response I got the first time I attempted to use a travel agent. I'd asked how exactly it was that they could help me and what it is that they really did for me.

It probably goes without saying, but I booked my own vacation.

I'm Amanda — a Disney-specialized travel agent and planner who's determined to do things a bit differently.

Say good-bye to travel agents that are too busy to respond to you, that have too many clients to give your vacation the attention it deserves, and that merely book your trip and send you on your way.

The quote above came directly from a client who had run into that exact problem, but they weren't the only one. Client after client has come to me specifically for my promise to keep my client roster small in order to give each and every vacation the attention to detail that it deserves. They'd found in the past that instead of totally handing off the planning to a travel agent, they were finding themselves needing to stay on top of all of the details of their trip because their agent simply had too much on their plate.

Which sort of defeats the purpose of hiring a travel agent, you know?

Like my experience with the travel agent who didn't even have time to answer my questions, or my clients' experiences with agents that didn't do much more than book the trip, you might also be ready to work with an agent that's going to give your magical escape all of the attention that it deserves. 

I've had too many clients come to me because the agent they used before wouldn't respond to them.

"I'm happy to pay you for your time vs. end up with an agent who .... [is] so overbooked they don't remember to put attention toward my trip."

Magical Escape Vacations is a travel agency built on a commitment to a small client roster.

Ready to let someone else actually worry about the details for you?

My promise? I won't take on more than 10 clients at any given time. What does this mean for you?

It means that I'll have the time to give your trip the attention it deserves - to truly plan a vacation that is geared to your wishes and hopes, and not just a cookie-cutter plan I send to every client. 

It means that I'll be on top of all of the deadlines for you - I'll be sure to remind you of upcoming payment due dates, when it's time to start thinking about dining reservations, and more.

It means that I'll do the "dirty" work for you - need to call Disney but don't want to sit on hold? Have no interest in being ready by 5:45 am Eastern time to book those dining reservations? I've got you covered.

And it means that when you email me, I respond. It means that you get the attention you deserve as a client.

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"Amanda was so easy to work with! She made traveling across the country to go to Disneyland less daunting. Everything was ready for us when we got to the hotel. We couldn't have asked for a better travel agent to plan our trip with 2 under 2. We will definitely be using her again!" — Megan L.

"She made traveling across the country to go to Disneyland less daunting."

"Amanda made planning our Disney vacation so easy and worry-free! I didn't have to worry about anything - we had our tickets, reservations, for the parks and restaurants, and plans all mapped out for us." - The Gregson-Ploscowe Family 

"I didn't have to worry about anything!"

"Amanda helped simplify the process so that it didn't cause unnecessary stress. She offered ideas and suggestions to make dining and the days in the park as simple as possible. She offered super helpful tips and was quick to answer all questions! Amanda was always transparent too which I appreciated! Her services offer so much more than the price you pay - well worth it! I will call her every time we go!" — The Pate Family

"Her services offer so much more than the price you pay - well worth it! I will call her every time we go!"

"Working with Amanda really helped make our vacation as magical as possible. The tips she provided helped our family tremendously. This was also my first time going since COVID and she made all of my park reservations for me and kept me updated on all the COVID procedures Disney has in place. I plan on recommending Amanda to all my friends and family when they plan their Disney trips!" — Ashlyn G.

"[She] kept me updated on all the COVID procedures Disney has in place."

"Amanda knows how to make a Disney vacation magical for *your* travel style and party. She understood exactly what my family likes and helped us plan a perfect trip!" 
- Nicole B.

"She scored some amazing reservations for us!"

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